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kay petal and her needle felted coneheads

Hello, my name is Kay Petal. I've been hooked on needle felting since my first stab at it back in 2007 :) I love the feel, the look, the sound and mostly the magic of sculpting wool with felting needles. As a needle felted doll-maker, I know how important it is to have quality supplies for my craft. As a needle felting instructor, it's every bit as important that my students have access to quality wool, felting needles and supplies.

From my studio to yours, we offer fun varieties of wool and supplies that I use to bring my li'l Felt Alive celebrity caricature dolls to life. Our wool works great for needle felting - not just for dolls but for anything you can imagine and our color-coded felting needles with cushioned grips are the best! To learn how fun and easy this magical craft is, all you have to do is follow along with me in my Felt Alive Videos.

Thanks for stopping in! I hope you have fun as much fun as I do bringing your needle felted ideas to life!

~Your friends in needle felting, Kay Petal & the Crew at Felt Alive

felt alive needle felted caricature dolls

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learn how to needle felt

I'm so proud to say that thousands of needle felters from around the world have discovered the magic of needle felting through this video workshop. (you can read their reviews here ;) I invite you to follow along with me in this 10 hour step-by-step video and learn simple techniques for bringing wool to life!

You will create a 12" needle felted wool doll without using wire armatures or sewing a stitch as I share many options so you can develop a character that is as unique as you are. From creating expressive faces to fully jointed needle felted bodies that have a natural range of motion, you will have so many "AHA" moments that your mind will be reeling with ideas of what to make next.

 What You'll Learn!

  • Learn about using core wool batting for body parts.
  • Learn how to attach those parts and create a seamless jointed body with dyed wool batting.
  • Finger and toes? No problem! Fun tricks with a felting stick makes it easy!
  • Needle felted eyes and teeth are their own special magic and you will learn just how it's done!
  • Learn how to add shading and highlights - it's nearly like painting with wool
  • Explore many options for needle felted clothing for your doll using wool batting and prefelt.
  • Needle felting kit filled with the same wool and supplies I use in my own studio.


"learning from Kay's video is like needle felting with a friend."

Begin Your Needle Felting Journey HERE!

  $49.95 4 Disc DVD - $69.90 4 Disc DVD with Needle Felting Kit

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