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Wool Batting

Wool BAtting For Needle Felting

Wool Batting For Needle Felted Doll Clothes

Felt Alive Wool
Felt Alive Wool
Peace Fleece
Peace Fleece
When choosing wool for sculptural needle felting, consider the benefits of using batting rather than roving.
No matter what the breed of sheep, wool that has been prepared into batting seems so much easier to needle felt than wool that has been prepared into roving, tops or sliver.
Wool Batting works great for needle feltingThe main difference is that batting is messy! The fibers are unorganized and as you tangle them together with the felting needles, they shrink together from all directions.
Merino RovingWith roving (aka tops or sliver) the fibers have been combed so they all run in the same direction. As you tangle the fibers together with your felting needle, the fibers shrink along the lines of the fibers leaving grooves or stripes.
Wool prepared into batting for is loftier than roving - it holds more air. And to make needle felted characters that flex and move, this quality is important.
We offer our three favorite varieties of Wool Batting!
Core Wool BattingI start nearly every project with Core Wool Batting.
Premium Batting - for great results, every time!Felt Alive Needle Felting Wool Batting is my favorite choice for my needle felted dolls. The flesh colors are perfect!
Fun wool batting for FUN Needle FeltingPeace Fleece Batting is a great choice if you want variegated colors and nubby nibs.
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