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08/29/2017 - Felt Alive Needle Felting Supplies is closing for sales effective immediately.  We are processing the remaining orders (albeit slower than usual) and will be contacting all customers with outstanding store credit.    We have discontinued our group buying program as well.  If you are on a waiting list, sorry to disappoint but we weren't able to find enough group buyers to make the program viable.  

I know, I'm in a panic, too, but all will be fine, I promise!  I'm asking for your continued support and encouragement in this BIG decision.  I'm much more suited to creating zany dolls and teaching this fun craft so I have to make a course change to stay on my needle felting journey.   This has been coming for awhile as you might have noticed our inventory has been dwindling.  We aren't having a blowout closing sale as the remaining stock will be used for live workshops here in my studio.  As dramatic as it sounds, if we don't take Felt Alive out of the needle felting supplies business, there might not be anymore Felt Alive.  

As many of you already know, my husband, Ethan, and I run our needle felting supplies business from our home without any outside help.  We do or our best to keep up with demand (and all the new competition) in this fast growing industry but it's getting increasingly difficult for the two of us to manage.  We've reached a point, that in order to keep up, we must grow the business with a warehouse, employees, consultants and all that comes along with that.  We've been, there done that and it resulted in all kinds of stress, followed by serious illness and is the reason I found my Felt Alive 'thing.'   

It's been 10 years since my needle felting journey started and I recognize it's time for a course change. We started selling supplies years ago just to make it easier for my students to gather their supplies.  We always knew that running a mail-order business wasn't our calling and when needle felting got popular and supplies became readily available we'd be able to move on.   My heart is telling me that the time has come to trust that all of you will be ok without our wonderful supplies and my Felt Alive 'thing' will prosper in a new direction.   We'll be sharing links throughout the site to recommended suppliers to help you keep on needle felting.    

My plan is more needle felting!  Lots more needle felting!  I have personally weighed and bundled nearly every ounce of wool that has left our shop leaving me with little inclination create with it myself.   Besides so many characters lurking in my head that want to come to life, I have so many more videos to film and techniques to share and I even have a book lurking in me.  I'll be hosting free needle felting workshops in my studio regularly to help me connect with people in my community.  I feel like a stranger in my little town because I've been so consumed with my world online.  

Besides shipping all the orders and dyeing all the wool, Ethan also hand-dips all of our needles himself.  He needs a break but he knows how much you all love using our needles so he put together a great tutorial so you can make your own Felt Alive Needles.   He loves filming and editing my videos and he's the best support guy ever for my live workshops and is very much looking forward to having more time with that.   He promises if you come and needle felt with me, he'll fix you up with our wool and needles. He wants to see me get back into my needle felting more than anyone.    

Speaking of workshops, we've made another huge decision and that is to stop 'selling' my videos. Putting a price on them has always been hard for me and we decided it's time to give full access to all of them - free of charge at www.feltalive.com.   To my wonderful students who have purchased my videos, it's because of you that the rest of the world now has access to them.  (hugs to you!) I hope you share this great news with all of your friends that can use a good dose of creativity.  You know, spread the love of needle felting!  That's my mission and I am so happy you are a part of it.  

I'm taking a much needed break from my digital email so if you have any questions, give me a call at 541-592-3341 or write me a letter at 1347 Golf Club Dr., Cave Junction, OR 97523.  I'd love to hear from you!  

Thanks for letting me share my heart and I hope you continue to be a part of my needle felting journey!  It really does feel like a brand, new sunshiny day here at Felt Alive!  Love, hugs and good needle felting, my friends.

Your friends in needle felting,

Kay and Ethan Petal

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