Kay Petal and her needle felted celebrity caricature dolls.Felt Alive Needle Felting Supplies is a home-based business brought to you by needle felted doll artist / instructor, Kay Petal of Felt Alive Wool Sculptures with the help of her husband, Ethan. 

Kay's needle felting adventure started in 2007 while recovering from successful treatment of a rare salivary gland cancer. Her instant love of this craft helped Kay discover so much about herself including a gift for caricature art. Her specialty is celebrity caricature dolls and Kay's dolls have been featured in magazines, cd covers, websites & blogs and have even been seen on tv! 
Needle Felted Freddie Mercury Doll by Felt Alive
Through her popular FeltAlive YouTube channel, Kay introduces the world to needle felting with technique videos and action videos of her dolls having fun.

Kay shares the magic of needle felting through her fun and easy-to-follow video workshops. Available online or on DVD, she has thousands of students around the world. Her Felt Alive Felting Needles were first made simply to make her students have an easier time as they learned but needle felters everywhere seem to love them! Kay offers her favorite wool and supplies so her students are sure to get a great start on their own needle felting adventures.

Kay's passion for this fun craft makes her supplies shop a unique place to shop - the products she offers are what she uses to create her own needle felted dolls and she freely shares information and advice to help newcomers to this craft. As a working needle felt artist she understands the importance of quality supplies and strives to keep the craft of needle felting fun, rewarding and affordable!

"Thanks for visiting my shop - I hope you have been inspired to embark on your own needle felting journey!" Kay Petal

A Gallery of Felt Alive Needle Felted Celebrity Caricature Dolls

Li'l Whoopi a wool doppelganger


Latest Works 

doc and marty back to future

It's Doc and Marty!  Back to the Future work in progress

li'l jeff bridges - the dude

The Dude Abides at Felt Alive
Li'l Jeff Bridges in 'The Big Lebowski'

needle felted coneheads - dolls by kay petal felt alive

Li'l Coneheads
Iconic characters from Saturday Night Live

needle felted mick jagger caricature doll by kay petal felt alive

Like a Rolling Stone
Needle felted wool Mick Jagger doll

needle felted bono doll by kay petal felt alive
Li'l Bono U2
This needle felted doll really does Felt Alive!
(his cool shades are cut from a plastic water bottle)

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