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Wool Batting & Roving

Batting, Roving and Prefelt for All of Your Needle Felting Needs!

felt alive needle felting wool batting

Featuring Felt Alive Needle Felting Wool

Felt Alive Wool Batting for Needle Felting

Carded Wool Batting that works especially great for Sculptural Needle Felting! These lofty batts felt up fast in a fun selection of colors for your unique needle felted art.

We offer our FA Needle Felting Wool batting for $1.95 per half ounce bundled by total qty purchased. 

Kettle-Dyed FA Needle Felting Wool - We dye small batches of our wool into an amazing array of colors.  Our dyeing process yields variegation in the finished product making our kettle-dyed wool a perfect choice for those who love unique colors and surprises.  Each batch that comes out of the kettles is different from the one before and WILL differ from the photos.

Factory-Dyed FA Needle Felting Wool - For needle felters that are looking for uniformity in their color choices - with no variegation at all - we offer a limited selection of commercially dyed Felt Alive Needle Felting Wool including our Felt Alive Flesh Tones - a favorite for needle felted doll makers.

Felt Alive Core Wool Batting

Our Core Wool is very similar to our FA Needle Felting Wool except that has not been dyed and contains more bits of the farms it came from (straw, grass, etc.)It is an economical choice that felts up fast and easy and is a perfect choice for creating the core parts of larger projects as it can be covered in more expensive dyed wool.


Imported from Europe, Bhedawool is available in a gorgeous array of colors and works great for needle felting projects that call for a coarse, hairy fiber.

Merino Prefelt Sheets

This is fine Merino batting that's been needle felted into thin sheets. The secret of prefelt is that it's not fully felted, meaning there are plenty of loose fibers left to felt with. Prefelt is a timesaver for needle felted doll clothes and for flat felting. Designs can even be cut out and felted right into your project!


We offer roving (fiber that has been combed into long ropes) for hair and fur for your creations. These long, combed fibers are perfect for adding finishing touches to your needle felted creations - but for sculpting, we recommend you stick with our choices of wool batting.

The photos of all of our wool products are taken in natural lighting to show the best representation. Because of variables such as monitor color settings and variations in our kettle-dyed batches, the wool you receive may look different than the wool you see on your screen.

Our wool does contain some vegetable matter (also known as vm.) Some batches arrive from the mill with a bit more than others and you can always expect some. Here at Felt Alive we look at this vm and picture the green pastures where our sculpting medium comes from. BUT as as a doll maker, I don't enjoy seeing bits of grass in my finished dolls and my solution is to just let it be and the vm will either be buried in my project or it will pop right off the surface as the wool felts.

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