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PUPS Needle Felting Kit
Needle Felt a New Best Friend - 2 hour video workshop

PUPS Needle Felting Kit

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  • fun and easy!:2 hour video tutorial on DVD
  • optional kit:loaded with everything you need!

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Felt Alive Needle Felted PUPS Workshop

2 Hours of Needle Felting FUN on DVD

Learn Great Techniques While Needle Felting a New Best Friend!

High Quality Video - Follow Along From Start to Finish!

Using only wool and barbed felting needles, you will learn the secrets of making FUN and original needle felted dogs that seem nearly Alive!

No Wire Armatures - No Sewing - No Stuffing - Just Needle Felted Wool!!

Felt along with me and learn the magic of sculptural needle felting! While learning some amazing and fun needle felting techniques, you will create an adorable puppy dog! With big, goofy paws and floppy ears; a tail that wags and jointed legs so he can jump and bound, these PUPS can even sit, stay & roll-over!
Felt Alive PUPS are great little pets and so fun and easy to bring to life!
As your needle felted PUP comes to life on your felting pad, you will learn to make a head with an expressive face that will connect with a fully jointed needle felted body using only wool and single barbed felting needles. No sewing or wire armatures here. Your finished Pup will be solid needle felted wool that flexes and bends nearly like a real dog.

Dogs, Mutts, Puppies, Pooches... 

needle felting dogs is fun and easy

Let's Just call them PUPS!

Learn to make fun needle felted 

Workshop Features:
  • 2 Hours Video Instruction 
  • Clear Birds-Eye Views with Close-Ups
  • Needle Felting Unique & Expressive Faces
  • Jointed, Flexible Bodies Without Wire Armatures! 
  • Fun & Easy for All Skill Levels
Screen Shots from Felt Alive Needle Felted PUP
Two Pups supervise the making of this video workshop.

In this easy-to-follow video workshop you will learn a comprehensive set of needle felting skills 

Did you know that this workshop is available to watch online along with the entire library of Felt Alive Video Workshops
with a subscriptions to The Needle Felters Workshop?

Your Step-by-Step Video Guide

to Needle Felting Pups!

Have Fun making lifelike needle felted dolls

Chapter List  Here's What You'll Learn!


Basic Shapes

The Legs

The Head

Connecting the Parts

Heads and Tails

The Finishing Touches

Material & Supplies List / Kit Contents

Felt Alive 6 Pack Felting Needles!  2 each 36t - 38 Star - 40t

Needle Felting Pad  6" x 9" x 1.5"

2 oz Wool Batting  For the main color of your PUP!

PUPS Detail Kit  - Small Amounts brown, white and a variety of dyed wool colors for nose and eye details. 
2 Felting Sticks - Large & Small

Recommended Supplies (not included in kit)

Long, Sharp Sewing Needle

Small Scissors

Your Imagination!

5 Stars
Great Kit for Anyone!!
I bought the PUPS Needle Felting Workshop with the DVD and the felting kit. I've never felted in my life. In fact, I'm not really all that crafty, but this looked like something fun, so I decided to give it a try. The instructions were really easy to follow! If I can do it, pretty much anyone can. You get everything you need to make your own Pup and there was enough extra wool that if you screw up, you've got some extra to work with. I used it after making my pup to practice making eggs (buy the kit, you'll see what I mean by "eggs"). With Kay's great instruction, I was actually able to tweak my pup just a little bit to make more of a sighthound (Greyhound, Ibizan Hound, Whippet) looking pup. I've got a Greyhound and an Ibizan Hound, so I really wanted to make a dog that looked like them. Kay's instructions are detailed enough that you can either make the Pup as she guides you, or you can kind of play with it a little to make it "your own." LOVE this kit and will absolutely be buying from Felt Alive in the future!!! You not only taught me how to felt, you made sure I had fun while I was doing it (now if only I could slow down enough that I don't need a blood transfusion afterward from sticking myself with those needles….that's why I'm not crafty. No patience ;) ).
Reviewed by:  from Michigan. on 12/1/2013
5 Stars
Pup kit
Love this kit. The dog is adorable.
Reviewed by:  from Essex, Mass.. on 3/26/2014
5 Stars
Kay pups
I enjoyed so much felting pups following the pups lessons from Kay!
Reviewed by:  from Barcelona. on 3/12/2012

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