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Happy times are here again...

"My daughter fell on the ice and broke her kneecap. After her surgery she was not able to return to her apartment due to the stairway to the second floor so she is staying with me. I decided to order the Droit workshop for both of us and the materials for both of us to create a droit. It was so much fun it was almost absurd. We had more laughs and the creativity while following the easy instructions from Kay. I am sure we will doing more! Thank you Kay and Ethan, keep up the great work."

5 star student review Reviewed by: Anne from Maine

needle felted forest creatures video tutorial

These guys are silly and adorable - a great exercise in needle felting flexible, wire-free jointed bodies.

Workshop Features:
  • 5 Hours Narrated Video Instruction
  • Clear, Birds-Eye View with Close-Ups
  • Unique & Expressive Needle Felted Faces
  • Fully Jointed & Flexible (wire-free) Bodies That Stand on Their Own
  • Hands & Feet Made Easy
  • Fun & Easy for All Skill Levels
  • Own On DVD | Watch Free Online

needle felted forest creature by Felt Alive

As your needle felted Droit comes to life on your felting pad, I will guide you through simple techniques while you learn to make a head with an expressive face that will connect with a fully jointed needle felted body using only wool and single barbed felting needles. No sewing or wire armatures here. Your finished Droit will be solid needle felted wool that flexes and bends nearly like we do.


Introducing the 'Droits'

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a great exercise in needle felted doll making the Felt Alive Way - without using wire armatures.

Filled with very helpful tips, techniques and fun!
I've taken the Doll workshop (loved it!) and the Santa workshop (love, loved it!) but the Droits workshop just might be my favorite. These little characters are hilarious, but more than that...Kay goes in depth with some seemingly subtle techniques that are quite advanced, and easy to do after watching her. Little things that make such a huge difference in my finished pieces! It may not seem like there would be anything new from her other doll workshops, but it's the emphasis on some things that really brought it all together for me. I loved how detailed she was with making the knee joints, and her way of explaining some of the detailing. I have to say, for anyone who is serious about doll making through sculptural needle felting, please don't over look the value in this workshop! It's the perfect companion to the Doll workshop. I would even say, if you're serious about needle felt doll making, you should watch all three...but especially this one, for great structure and techniques! I enjoyed it very, very much!
Reviewed by: Cherie from Chehalis, WA

What's a Droit?

fully jointed needle felted doll without using wire armatures
No Sewing - No Stuffing - No Wire Armature - No Painting - 100% Needle Felted Wool!

These woolly little characters have sweet temperaments but can be somewhat mischievous. They adapt well to most environments and their favorite food is jelly beans. Droits come in many different colors. Young Droits come in shades of white and as they mature they turn deep, rich colors. Much like us, they gray as they age. They love human company but really prefer the company of other Droits so if you bring one to life in wool, you most certainly will find yourself making more.

fun and easy needle felting project

Felt Alive Droits are fun to create and no two are ever alike.
Follow the same instructions 10 times and you will have 10 unique Droits that are happy to be alive!

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