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Merino Wool Roving - Yellow 16"
Yellow Merino Roving 16" length

Merino Wool Roving - Yellow 16"

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Merino Roving is the most readily available form of wool and is widely used for spinning into yarn and in traditional wet felting.   

We offer Merino Roving in small quantities to accommodate the needs of needle felted doll makers.  A 16" length of Merino Roving is enough wool for hair for an average 12" doll.

With long, fine fibers neatly combed into ropes (also known as tops,) Merino roving makes perfect needle felted doll hair. We also use wisps for shading, blush, lip & eye color.  This long silky fiber takes much longer to needle felt than the wool varieties we offer for sculptural needle felting but for surface design, hair and shading, Merino roving is hard to beat.   

Different colors of Merino roving can be blended nearly like paint.  When blending colors for eyes or shading - I simply take a few wisps of each color, break up the long fibers with my fingertips and blend it all together into a tiny mess before needle felting it to a doll. 

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