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Merino Pre-Felt Sheets

Merino Wool Prefelt Sheets

Merino Prefelt is short-fibered merino batting that has been partially felted into very thin sheets on industrial needle felting machines.  It's a favorite for needle felted doll clothes.  Since the wool is not quite felted, it can be torn (or cut) leaving fluffy edges that can be needle felted right to the dolls.  No sewing is necessary to make clothes for your needle felted dolls using prefelt.

dyed merino wool prefelt

We offer our own kettle-dyed prefelt.  The kettle dyeing process felts the wool just slightly, making it a bit sturdier and faster to finish than the commercially dyed prefelt.  

The kettle-dyed colors are slightly variegated / mottled and each batch that comes out of the dye pot is often a different shade. We can't guarantee that your prefelt will look exactly like the color shown in the photos.

needle felted dolls with merino prefelt clothing
  Perfect For Shoes And Leatherlike Apparel
"Kettle Dyed Leather Brown is the perfect color for creating leatherlike shoes and clothing. Popeye and Olive Oyl are sporting new leather boots made with your Leather Brown."
Leather Brown Merino Prefelt Reviewed by: Terry S. from USA

We cut our prefelt into 12" and 6" squares - please note that due to the very stretchy nature of the prefelt, the sizes are approximate and may not be cut perfectly square.    
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