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Handy Guide to Felt Alive Felting Needles

Introducing the Original Felt Alive

Felting Needles

for Super-Duper Needle Felting

Felt Alive Felting Needles

Color Coded with Cushioned Grips to accompany all Felt Alive Video Workshops

in Single, Double and Quad Point!

You've heard the old adage, Necessity is the Mother of Invention. That is certainly the case of how Felt Alive Color-Coded Felting Needles came to be.

The needles used for needle felting are tools borrowed from industry. These barbed felting needles were designed to fit into industrial needle felting machines; not for a human (or felted ;) hand. They are cold, hard steel with 'L' shaped ends. There are many different gauges and barb/blade configurations but the needles all look pretty much the same.

When I first started needle felting I was VERY confused about what needles to use and even more confused about how to tell them apart. I could tell that certain needles seemed to work better than others but I really had no clue! I would just grab needles and felt for a little while to see if it was effective or not. EVENTUALLY after trying many different needles I settled on my favorites.   Still, I found them to be uncomfortable to hold onto for hours of needle felting.  They are slippery and that 'L' shaped end can dig in to your fingertips as you work.    It felt like I was using tools designed for industry and I still couldn't tell them apart!

I was in love with this wonderful craft and I wanted tools that felt fun!

In my quest to find the perfect felting needles, I found color-coded needles and I found felting needle handles but I could not find just what I was looking for. So, we had to re-invent the wheel! (err, needle) I'm not usually this determined but it was very important to me to have fabulous tools for this fabulous craft. And after much trial and error, our fabulous needles were born. We color coded them to accompany Felt Alive Video Workshops making it easy for my students to follow my lead and cushioned them for comfort. One thing led to another and soon, we found that two needles together work really great and four needles together - well, just wow!

Felt Alive Felting Needles are quickly becoming a favorite needle felting tool for needle felting enthusiasts around the world.

A Handy Guide to Felt Alive Felting Needles


Yellow 40t (triangle blade = 3 blade edges)

This is considered a fine-gauge needle that I find does a great job for all-purpose needle felting as well as finishing. I start nearly every project with my double yellow as it makes felting the body parts of my dolls go so fast. As the wool felts and the double becomes difficult to pierce into my project, I switch to my single yellow felting needle.  I always say I could felt the world with my yellow felting needles!  

Available in Singles, Doubles and Quads and are included in of our variety packs

38 star felting needles

Red 38 Star (star blade = 4 blade edges)

For all-purpose, finish and surface felting - works best with coarse or hairy wool.

This has a star shaped blade rather than the typical triangle shaped blade. There are more barbs and the barbs start closer to the tip than the other felting needles. This makes it perfect for surface design and it works great for finish work to tame down the fuzzies.

Available in Singles, Doubles and Quads and are included in our variety packs

40 star felting needles

Blue 40 Star short blade  (star blade = 4 blade edges)

With a short, sturdy blade, this needle is perfect for beginner needle felters and is great needle to use if you tend to break too many needles. It felts like our trusty yellow 40t but the shorter blade makes it much sturdier.

Available in Single Point only

36 t felting needle

Black 36 t (triangle blade = 3 blade edges) for deep, fast felting and attaching parts.
This is a sturdy, coarse needle that I use for heavy duty work like attaching parts or felting hair deep into a head. I don't recommend it for all-purpose needle felting because it can be difficult to pierce into the wool which is also why we only offer it as a single point.

If you are going to show kids how to needle felt, this is the one I recommend they start with. It isn't quite as sharp as the other needles and it is sturdier.

Available in Single Point only and is included in our variety packs

reverse barb felting needles

Green 40t Reverse Barb Needle

I like to call this felting needle "The UNFelter" because it pulls fiber out instead of felting it in. It is amazingly useful and fun to play with!

Available in Single and Double Point

Check out my blog article - Felting Needles - 7 Helpful Tips to avoid breaking your needles and poking yourself! 

Felt Alive Felting Needles are color coded to accompany

Felt Alive Video Workshops

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