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Group Buying for Wholesale Wool Batting in a Variety of Colors

Posted by Kay on 7/23/2017
Group Buying for Wholesale Wool Batting in a Variety of Colors
Wholesale Needle Felting Wool Batting

Group Buying for
Wholesale Wool Batting in a Variety of Colors

Hello Friends!

With the popularity of needle felting soaring we are getting more and more inquiries about the availability of wholesale wool.  Unfortunately, as far as we know, there are no wholesale suppliers here in the US that stock commercially dyed wool batting.  It must be produced-to-order and requires purchasing very large quantities per color with at least a 6 week lead time and heavy freight charges.  

This makes it tough for all of us little guys with big needle felting ideas! 

As a small business we know first-hand how challenging it is to purchase and stock a variety of colors so we've been thinking about solutions and came up with the idea of a group buying club.  Combining the purchasing power of a group allows everyone in the group to buy into large orders to get the lowest possible price.  

To get started, we have developed a new line of 16 commercially dyed colors of our needle felting wool (including our popular skin tones) with wholesale pricing at $28 lb.  We are also offering our natural white Felt Alive Wool for $20 per lb and our popular Core Wool Batting at $16 lb with minimum orders as low as 4 lbs.   

With the busy craft season quickly approaching, we are hoping to make our first large group order very soon!  

If you are interested in purchasing dyed and natural wool batting at wholesale prices, please fill out the form in the link below and we will be in touch shortly.

Your Friend in Needle Felting,

Kay Petal
Felt Alive Needle Felting Supplies

CLICK HERE to request more info!  

Felt Alive Group Wool Buying Club

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