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Getting Started

Beginner Needle Felting

Instructions and Kits

with everything YOU NEED to get started on some real needle felting FUN!

needle felting starter kits

Are ready to see what needle felting is all about but not sure where to start?

I've been helping people get started needle felting for nearly 10 years and I'd love to help you.

Learn HOW

The best way to learn is to join me at my Felting Pad in my Felt Alive Video Tutorials and follow along as I teach you the fundamentals of needle felting. Not only will you learn amazing techniques, you'll learn about wool, felting needles and supplies as you bring these three fun and easy projects to life.

I recommend starting with The ABCs of Needle Felting

Three FREE comprehensive video tutorial projects - each easy enough for beginners.

A. Start with Felt Alive Pixies

The moment the wool smiles and blushes at you, you'll be hooked on needle felting forever!
Over an Hour of Needle Felting Instruction
Also Available on DVD with Kit HERE

B. Next up! Finger Puppet Fairies

Building on the techniques learned making Pixies, you'll also learn techniques for hair, wings and a hollow finger puppet base. Wave your magic felting wand to make these sweet little things flutter to life!
2 1/2 hours of needle felting magic!
Also Available on DVD with Kit HERE

C. Finally Make Some Garden Art

You learned how to needle felt without using wire armatures in Pixies and Fairies but in Garden Art, you'll learn the basics of working over wire. Plus you'll learn so many fun tricks while bringing worms and mushrooms to life.
1 hour and 10 minutes of needle felting fun!  
Also Available on DVD with Kit HERE

Need More Instructions?

Now that you've learned the ABCs, are you ready to move along and learn the XYZs of Needle Felting?

I'd LOVE to teach you how to Felt Alive!

Learn ONLINE! 

learn how to needle felt at The Needle Felters Workshop

Subscribe to The Needle Felters Workshop, you'll enjoy access to the ENTIRE library of Felt Alive Video Workshops.  

With a focus on needle felted Doll Making, Felt Alive Videos are a great way to learn how to build on the skills you learned to make fully jointed needle felted dolls that stand on their own without using wire!

PLUS We offer a kit to get members started!

needle felting starter kit

1 Year Membership with Kit $79.95 = BEST DEAL!
Kit Ships FREE

Already Have Supplies and Don't Need a Kit
1 Year Membership Only - $39.95
Unlimited Online Access to ENTIRE Library of Felt Alive Video Workshops

Learn ON DVD

You'll also find Felt Alive Videos available on DVD with optional kits.

felt alive needle felting videos

With many FUN needle felting projects to choose from, Felt Alive video tutorials are a great way to learn how easy it is to needle felt!  

As you follow along with me as we bring our projects to life, you will learn the basics of handling wool and felting needles along with time-saving tips, tricks and techniques that you will use to bring your own ideas to life.

You'll find a fun needle felting kit bundled with every Felt Alive Video Workshop project on DVD.

needle felted bunnies kit

What About Those Felting Needles?

felt alive color-coded felting needles

If you are anything like me when I first got started, I was confused about what needles to use.  Those needles you see me using in the workshops were made especially for you - we color-coded them to make it easy to follow along.  Plus they are so comfortable with their cushioned grips and they are included in ALL of our needle felting kits.  

Of course you'll learn more about these fun tools, how to handle them safely and and their various uses in my videos.  Learn More HERE 

5 star customer review felt alive needle felting supplies Love my new skill!
"I ran across Felt alive will researching new craft ideas. As soon as I seen needle felting I new I had to learn. I ordered a kit and joined the online workshop. I am having so much fun! With Kay's tutorials I have learned how to make dolls on my first attempt. I love needle felting and so look forward to all the new items I will be able to make. I wanted to give Kay a big thank you for sharing your wisdom with us all."

The Needle Felters Workshop with Starter Kit Reviewed by: Tricia from Welland, Ontario

No Instructions Needed?

If you want to start needle felting on your own, our Beginner Needle Felting Kits include EVERYTHING you need along with a printed guide to the fun products within - no project instructions included.

Get started with quality wool and supplies that really do work great for needle felting.

needle felting starter kit

Beginner Needle Felting Kit - Basic $18.95

deluxe needle felting starter kit

Beginner Needle Felting Kit - Deluxe $54.95

5 star customer review felt alive needle felting supplies Great tutorial for First Timer
"This tutorial made it easy for my first attempt and because of it, needle felting is now my other craft, besides knitting and crocheting. I would recommend this for anyone trying this fun craft. The result will encourage you! Great job!"
Pixies DVD Workshop Reviewed by: Agnes from Havre de Grace, Maryland.

Start Your Needle Felting Journey
with Felt Alive Needle Felting Supplies!

begin your needle felting journey with felt alive needle felting supplies

Our beginner needle felting kits make it so easy to dive right into this super- fun craft! Whether you want to play around on your own or are looking for instructions for fun needle felting projects, we can help!

We offer our fabulous wool, color-coded felting needles and essential supplies bundled into convenient kits with everything you need to start needle felting.

PLUS - Throughout the site you will find helpful tips and tricks for using our products.

Included in every Felt Alive Needle Felting Kit and Starter Pack is a variety of Felt Alive Needle Felting Wool, Color-Coded Felting Needles and other fun Felt Alive supplies to inspire your imagination as you explore the magic of needle felting.

Here's some of what you will find in Felt Alive Kits and Starter Packs:

Core Wool Batting Many of our kits include at least 1 oz of core wool batting. Core wool is wool batting that has not been dyed and may contain a bit of vm (vegetable matter from the farm.) It is a great all-purpose needle felting wool that is most often used for making the core parts of projects that will be covered with an outer layer of dyed wool.

wool batting for needle felting Felt Alive Needle Felting Wool is included in all of our kits. It handles much like our core wool batting, our Felt Alive batting is dyed in a fun variety of colors including our popular flesh colors - a favorite for needle felted doll makers. It can be needle felted over core wool parts or just used to sculpt entire pieces. FA Needle Felting Wool is also great for flat/tapestry felting and even works super for traditional wet felting.

wool roving While merino roving can be used for sculpting, the fine fiber and long strands make it time-consuming and difficult. We include it in some of our kits and it's used mainly for hair for dolls and fur for animals.

color-coded felting needles with handles Felt Alive Color-Coded Felting Needles included in every kit. Felting needles come in a variety of sizes for different uses but they look nearly identical. Felt Alive needles are color-coded with cushioned grips - not only are they super-comfortable to use - they are easy to tell apart!

foam pads for needle felting Foam Needle Felting Pads are included in every kit. Our high-density foam pads will stand up to many, many hours of needle felting fun while providing a stable work surface where your creations will come to life.

felting sticks for needle felting Felting Sticks are included in every kit. They are useful for many things including making tubular shapes.

detail kits for needle felted doll making With bright white wool for eyes & teeth and hand-dyed colors for eyes, blush and shading, you'll find our essential Detail Kits in many of our kits and starter packs.

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