GREEN Reverse SINGLE Point Felting Needles - 2 PACK
Green 40t Reverse Barb Felting Needle - Pulls fiber out instead of felting it in. Great fun!

GREEN Reverse SINGLE Point Felting Needles - 2 PACK

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Felt Alive Single Point Green Reverse Barb 40t Felting Needles

reverse barb felting needles

Simply put, reverse barb felting needles pull fiber out rather than felt it in. And the double reverse barb pulls out more fiber, faster than our single reverse barb.

Why felt in reverse?? For special effects, this tool is amazing as long as you include the color in the core of your project that you want to pull out. A 5:00 shadow of a beard is possible, or a graying muzzle of a dog - as long as the core of your project contains the color you want to show.

needle felted dog
Needle Felted Dog by Felt by Liza

"Kay,' I promised to send a photo of my first dog using your reversed barb needle. I won''t be without this magic needle ever again. It certainly does the job. Dogs head core in grey. Grey pulled out to create a grey muzzle. I could never get this effect without the reverse barb."


Felt Alive Felting Needles...

  • Color-Coded - grab the right needle at a glance!
  • Cushioned handle for a comfortable grip.
  • Strong and Sharp! Precision-Machined Felting Needles.
  • Comfortable rubber coated handles are color-coded to easily pick the right needle for the job.
  • Double and Quad Points to increase your speed

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