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FAIRY Dolls Needle Felting Kit
5 Disc DVD set - Felt Alive FAIRY Dolls Needle Felting Tutorial with Kay Petal

FAIRY Dolls Needle Felting Kit

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  • Fun & Easy:Learn the Magic of Needle Felting
  • 5 Disc DVD:9 hours of needle felting instruction!
  • Ships by Itself:DVD set ships directly from manufacturer

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learn how to needle felt fairy dolls

~ NEW for 2017 ~

Felt along with me in my brand new video workshop and I'll teach you how to transform wool into these magical little fairy dolls. Along the way, you are sure to discover what it means to Felt Alive.

Needle Felting is truly an amazing craft. It's relaxing, meditative, therapeutic, peaceful, magical and a bit mysterious.

In this 9 hour long tutorial, I do my best to take the mystery out as I teach you, step-by-step and poke-by-poke, the secrets of bringing wool to life.

These 8" Fairy Dolls are fully jointed with no wire armatures and are lifelike, sweet and so much fun to make.

Fun & Easy for All Skill Levels

Are You Ready to make some Fairy Magic of Your Very Own?

Needle Felting Faces is fun and easy
From start to finish and every step in between!

This Video Workshop would be the equivalent of fun and intensive 3 day live needle felted dolls workshop except you work on your project on your schedule - whenever it's convenient for you from the comfort of your own home!

You get a bird's eye view of my felting pad, no straining to see from across the room, no peeking over shoulders or feeling lost as the class moves along before you are ready. With me as your own personal tutor that you can pause and rewind anytime. Plenty of zoom-ins give you a nearly magnified view of the finest details! Without any high-speed sequences, the pace is relaxing, making it a magical learning experience as your unique Fairy Doll comes to life!

learn how to make needle felted fairies


Needle Felted FAIRY Dolls Workshop Features:

  • Needle felt the core structure using core wool batting - no wire armatures!
  • Make flexible joints by connecting the core parts to create a strong and lifelike needle felted body.
  • You'll learn fun techniques to make needle felted hands and feet that add so much life to your character.
  • Sculpt and form her little body using amazing yet simple techniques for creating a skin or flesh layer that rolls and stretches much like our own skin.
  • Learn techniques for needle felting her slippers and suit using batting and prefelt.
  • We spend several hours on faces so you'll learn exactly how it's done.
  • Needle felted eyes and teeth are their own special magic!
  • Blush and Shading is nearly like painting with wool
  • You'll learn how simple it is to give your Fairy beautiful hair.
  • Learn how to finish your project by filling in any holes left by the needles and taming down wool fuzzies.
  • Finished FAIRY doll is approximately 8" - 10" tall.
  • Optional Kit with everything you need including wool, felting needles and a felting pad.  check out the kit HERE
  • 5 Disc DVD set - 9 hours 18 minutes
  • all region DVD



Prefer to Watch Online?

Fairy Dolls tutorial is bundled with the entire library of Felt Alive Videos with a subscription to my online learning site

learn how to needle felt at the needle felters workshop

or WATCH Fairy Dolls NOW
with Vimeo On-Demand!

Needle Felting a Fairy with Kay Petal from Felt Alive Wool Sculptures on Vimeo.

Rent or Download all the chapters from all 5 DVD discs!


This video course is brand new and we haven't gathered reviews yet but here's what my students have to say about my workshops.

(feeling proud :)

RatingThe Dolls Needle Felting Workshop is Great!
"I made an awesome doll that looks just like my son. I was able to watch what I wanted and pause if I needed to. It was so much fun!"
Reviewed by: Dora Guldborg from Montana

Rating Professional and Fun
"Kay is warm, funny and a natural teacher when watching her dvd I really was able to learn a lot and fast too. Excellent shipping time to Australia didnt have to wait long at all, everything was presented lovely and professionally." Reviewed by: Jessica from Melbourne/Australia

"Kay Petal's work was the reason why I started needle felting - once I saw these dolls, I new I just had to make my own. This DVD gave me all the necessary knowledge to start, but most importantly after seeing it I could easily create my own unique characters. Thank you so much for making it!" Reviewed by: Bea from Poland


Rating There is a Before and an After
...once I got this course. I was somehow stuck up in my felting, and Kay's lessons gave wings to my imagination! Reviewed by: MARINA from Barcelona

RatingHappy girl with needle felting
"Ik heb de cd's ontvangen en ze zijn super! Elke CD bevat duidelijke uitleg en je kan zelf als een beetje handig bent gewoon een schitterende pop maken want al versta je geen engels het uitleggen is zo duidelijk dat dat echt niets uitmaakt. I received the CD's and i was surprised how easy it was to follow the instructions. (even if you don't speak english at all) You can make a beatyfull doll with only see the movie on the cd and thats enough." Reviewed by: Caat from Sexbierum Holland

If you think that you could never learn how to make such detailed dolls, please think again. I was right where you are now not so long ago and I'm confident I can teach You how fun and rewarding it is to needle felt one-of-a-kind needle felted art dolls using only wool and barbed felting needles.

Many of my students had never touched a felting needle before learning from learning from my doll workshop. Some students have managed to break the language barrier and completed their projects without understanding my English language. Perhaps we speak the universal language of needle felting!

There are so many options to explore when bringing wool to life! I didn't want to leave you guessing so I worked at an easy pace for you to felt right along with me. Nearly 10 hours of needle felting fun packed with techniques, tips, tricks and inspiration!

I hope you join me on this fun and educational journey into sculptural needle felting!

Your Friend in Needle Felting,

Kay Petal

Contact me with any questions.

RatingTook My Skills to a New Level (and it was FUN)
"My first DVD workshop from Kay and Felt Alive was the Santa one (reviewed) and I knew I HAD to order the full doll workshop. And I'm SO GLAD I did! It was everything I expected and hoped it would be. This workshop is easy to follow along, has wonderful examples and tips, and I learned a great deal from it! It has really amped up my needle felting skills, and confirmed to me that sculptural needle felting the Felt Alive way is my favorite way to create nearly living characters! I loved that during the DVD, Kay showed options and usually several ways to achieve the best end results, and she was very good and consistent with going over techniques, even more than once, to be sure the basics were solidly learned. And I think my favorite thing, and best lesson learned, was Kay's gentle and persistent message that the wool leads the journey of your end product. That no two characters (not even two of your own work) are ever the same, and that we should be comfortable and enjoy the imperfections and variations that working with a living fiber can bring. Hands down, this was the best video lesson I've found for teaching needle felting. If you were to learn nothing but what Kay teaches on this workshop, you could make anything!" Reviewed by: Cherie Davidson from Chehalis, WA

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