The Needle Felters Workshop

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5 Stars
Great Package
When I found out about needle felting I wanted to give it a try. After looking into several kits I decided to invest into the super deluxe kit and the membership! Wow...the kit includes anything you could possibly need to start, including plenty of the super duper felting needles. The workshop videos are great to work along and make learning the basic techniques a breeze. This is an amazing package!
Reviewed by:  from Geneva, AL. on 11/14/2014
5 Stars
Kay gives away her secrets!
I have been needle felting for some years and recently have been conducting workshops. I thought I was doing pretty well but Kay's tequniques and secrets are amazing. Thanking you Kay for helping to make me a better artist and teacher. I will be recommending by students to Felt Alive for needles and wool at every opportunity. Thank You Kay.
Reviewed by:  from Brisbane, Australia. on 12/15/2013
5 Stars
Reviewed by:  from New York. on 6/9/2016
5 Stars
Wow! This kit is wonderful. I love the super duper felting needles and the wide assortment of wool to work with. Iam glad I bought the large kit to go with the classes.
Reviewed by:  from 504 W. Kennewick Ave.. on 12/9/2015
5 Stars
You will love it
I am so grateful I took the plunge and signed up for the Felters Workshop. I have learned so much and the videos Kay has done are easy to follow and understand. I have had the best time making dolls and giving them away as gifts. People are amazed at the creativity and detail that come out in the dolls. I have started doing some of the other classes and continue to enjoy every minute. The supply orders I have put in have been shipped quickly and the materials are high quality. The groups are fun too. It's nice to have some peers doing the same craft and seeing their work. Felting is a great way to spend a cold harsh winter indoors.
Reviewed by:  from Bangor Maine. on 2/1/2014
5 Stars
Best Learning Experience
I have been a member of this workshop for about a year and I have to say it was the best thing I have ever done for myself. I have learned so much and have created some wonderful dolls! I am so glad I found Kay and her awesome classes! Thank you Kay for teaching me how to make dolls and all the other classes like the Santa class etc.
Reviewed by:  from Brookhaven, A. on 1/15/2014
5 Stars
Sign up NOW!
I have watched countless felting videos, whether on Youtube or felting sites or what have you and I am confident in saying that these videos are the best out there. The projects are easily amended to fit your own taste, and Kay's ability to break the basics down into easily followed steps makes them easy to follow. Also, whereas some videos have er, 'holes' in them, Kay has an uncanny sense of when to elaborate on a technique or procedure so that the student is rarely left wondering. It's also pretty terrific to be able to contact Kay via email with any questions you do have. If you have reached that dreaded impasse where you have got the basics down and are now ready to really branch out and begin to produce felting that is structurally sound *and* uniquely your own, get this workshop! I can't begin to say how much I have learned and continue to learn from these wonderful videos.
Reviewed by:  from Prescott, AZ USA. on 1/2/2014
5 Stars
Kit and Workshops
Received my kit quickly, and it's a wonderful cornucopia of felting goodies. The workshops are wonderful, instructive and entertaining. I really appreciated being able to view them as soon as I purchased the package. This is going to keep me busy for the whole 2 years! Thanks so much, Janine
Reviewed by:  from Ladysmith B.C.. on 12/5/2013
5 Stars
This Workshop Has Made Such a Difference
I had been needle felting for a while before I joined the workshop. Using the techniques I learned here and the materials available here, my work has really, REALLY improved! The materials in the Starter Kit are really nice. I am really glad I signed up!
Reviewed by:  from Minnesota. on 11/8/2013
5 Stars
I LOVE L O V E L O V E the workshop! This was the best $79.00 I’ve ever spent hands down.
Let me first start off by saying…..I LOVE L O V E L O V E the workshop! This was the best $79.00 I’ve ever spent hands down. The felting community here is awesome and helpful. The videos are very informative and top notch along with being fun to watch, you can go from novice to advance in no time at all once you see the concept of needle felting and best of all Kay does not leave out any detail. The starter kit is just a bonus as far as I’m concerned. I am very pleased with the overall value. I recommend the workshop without any hesitation!
Reviewed by:  from Middel Tennessee. on 10/16/2013
5 Stars
Love my new skill!
I can across Felt alive will researching new craft ideas. As soon as I seen needle felting I new I had to learn. I ordered a kit and joined the online workshop. I am having so much fun! With Kay's tutorials I have learned how to make dolls on my first attempt. I love needle felting and so look forward to all the new items I will be able to make. I wanted to give Kay a big thank you for sharing your wisdom with us all. :)
Reviewed by:  from Welland, Ontario. on 10/3/2013
5 Stars
The starter kit is great. I had some supplies but this added variety to what I all ready had. Excited to learn from the tutorials. Great service as well.
Reviewed by:  from Long Beach, CA. on 9/18/2013
5 Stars
Doll workshop video
Doll Workshop is the best thing that has happen to me, hobby wise. I love in and have enjoyed many hours of felting and learning . I love all your products, they get the job done perfectly. I however did try a core wool that was not from this site and was very disappointed . That taught me a lesson. Only buy through Felt Alive :)
Reviewed by:  from Penticton, B.C. Canada . on 8/7/2013
5 Stars
Great Introduction to Felting
I purchased the Online workshop membership and starter kit earlier this year and I LOVE it! The videos and good quality tools quickly took me from novice to advanced. I would recommend the workshop for felters of any level.
Reviewed by:  from Minnesota. on 7/30/2013
5 Stars
Turn your hobby into a passion!
Very pleased with the over all value I continue to enjoy with the workshop. I've learned key skills and tips that have launched my new found hobby from dabbling to a daily passion! I can hardly wait to see the little personalities emerge from the playful high quality tufts of wool! Treat yourself!
Reviewed by:  from Minnesota. on 7/30/2013
5 Stars
Lots of fun
I think this is a great price for a 2 year membership to wonderful wools and supplies. I love how Kay's video is very well teachable to the un-teachable. I'm so glad I took this route and join. I finished my first doll, just haven't post him to the forum yet but I will!
Reviewed by:  from GA. on 7/29/2013
5 Stars
Too Much Fun!
I was looking for information on needle felting basics when I came across Kay's tutorial and decided to join her Online Classes. Her instructional videos are excellent and fun! Quality merchandise, fast shipping and wonderful communication:-) These classes are so enjoyable and so nice to be able to work along at your own pace. Thanks you Kay for offering these classes.
Reviewed by:  from Somers. on 3/18/2013
5 Stars
Winter is now GREAT!
The videos are so easy to understand. Step by step information. I am so very pleased with the workshop and the added bonus of a great kit. This deal cannot be beat. The price is really more than fair. I am using my ipad for now and it works well. And, with my long Alaskan winter just really starting this will keep the chill out and the blues away.
Reviewed by:  from Palmer. on 11/29/2012
5 Stars
Fun, great tips, super videos
This is the place for everyone who loves felting or has always wanted to try it. Great instructional videos, friendly folks with great ideas and tips. And Kay is a dream sharing her knowledge with us!
Reviewed by:  from California. on 5/2/2012
5 Stars
The Needle Felters Workshop
I don't know of a better place to learn all the wonderful techniques of needle felting for making dolls/characters! Kay's teaching is so easy to follow and make a perfect doll the very first time!!! Her techniques are so beautiful and so fun to learn. You will be instantly hooked. So happy felting!
Reviewed by:  from Michigan. on 5/2/2012
5 Stars
What a Wonderful Workshop!
I'm so happy I joined the NFW! It's so great to talk with other wool felter's and to see their work. It's a great outlet to make new friends, ask questions, get feedback as well as watch all the tutorials Kay has to offer all in one place for one low price. Of course you can't beat receiving the 20% discount for all your felting supplies that are only available to members. Whether you wet or needle felt your wool, this is the place for you!!!
Reviewed by:  from Phoenix, Arizona. on 5/2/2012
5 Stars
Work shops
The work shops that Kay's put together are brilliant. If I can follow the anyone can. It has inspired me to do my own small work shops on needle felting. I would recommend these to anyone interested in learning the techniques. She is patient and explains everything easily. Because its video'd you can follow what she does.
Reviewed by:  from England. on 5/1/2012
5 Stars
I love TNFW
There is something for everyone at TNFW's, whether you've never picked up a felting needle or you've been sculpting wool for years, there really is something to be learned in Kay's video tutorials, from Kay herself or from the dozens of other members! We are a friendly community and there to help and encourage each other!
Reviewed by:  from Hendersonville, NC. on 5/1/2012
5 Stars
Wonderful job Carrol S.
This little guy is so cute is an odd kinda of way. LOL I love his teeth and the wart on his nose. His hair in his ears. I just think he is someone special! This is a great time for those over sized hands I like to make to come into play. You have inspired me. Teri
Reviewed by:  from Jefferson, GA. on 4/30/2012
5 Stars
Fibre Artist
I have learned so much, immediately after joining this workshop. Best money I have ever spent! The value is undeniable. My work has really blossomed as a direct result of just one of Kay Petals videos! I cant imagine what I will be capable of creating after I watch all of the videos! The other artists in this workshop are so welcoming and inspiring! My only regret is that I didn't join this sooner! Thanks so much!
Reviewed by:  from Salmon Arm BC Canada. on 4/30/2012
5 Stars
Needle felter
The needle felters workshop is fabulous - not only do you get access to the best workshops, but you will also have a wonderful community of needle felters to share projects and ideas with, and to make new friends! You can participate in fun challenges, and see what others are working on in the gallery for inspiration. It is one of the best places to hang out on the web!
Reviewed by:  from Indianapolis, in. on 4/30/2012
5 Stars
Simply said... The Needle Felters Workship ROCKS!
If you have ANY desire to learn how to needle felt, this IS the workshop for YOU. The Needle Felters Workshop encompasses so much knowledge about the craft, you really do not need to go anywhere else. The forums, the fellow felters, the creations you will learn to make, where to buy, what to use, what you'll need, where to find it -- the information is endless. Kay as a teacher is inspiring -- she walks you through, step by step, and is always available to help.
Reviewed by:  from United States. on 4/30/2012
5 Stars
A Needle Felting Student's DREAM COME TRUE!!
Needle Felters Workshop is an INCREDIBLE online studio & gathering place to learn the art of needle felting! I am INSPIRED & IMPRESSED with her talent & detailed video lessons teaching every aspect of the artistry of amazing needle felted dolls! I am also grateful for the friendships with other generous needle felters who share their work & insight! It's like one big needle-felting HAPPY FAMILY!! THANK YOU, Kay, for facilitating this online arena of artistry!
Reviewed by:  from Glendale, AZ. on 4/30/2012
5 Stars
Visual Artist
The Needle Felters Workshop is an awesome resource for beginner to experienced felters. You learn all about the process, the materials, and how to make your felted sculptures pop. The website is inspiring as you can learn and share all in the same place. Kay is an expert at what she does and she makes it easy for you to begin your own felting journey.
Reviewed by:  from Kelowna BC Canada. on 4/30/2012
5 Stars
Incredibly instructive and supportive
I have been interested in soft sculpture for years. I took Kay's needle felting workshops, dolls, dogs, witches, and others and find her instructions easy to follow, she shares good tips and is very supportive. I highly recommend these workshops. It feels like your own private community of artists from beginners to experienced and everything in between.
Reviewed by:  from Connecticut. on 4/30/2012
5 Stars
Amazing Workshop, Great Value
Kay Petal is an amazing sculptor and great teacher and her instructional videos can teach anyone the techniques for bringing out the magic in wool. This workshop provides hours of instruction for building basic shapes into bodies, creating amazing facial expressions, adding clothing and so much more. The great part is that you can go back to particular sections of interest and review as much as you want and need.
Reviewed by:  from Ortonville, Michigan. USA. on 4/30/2012