Quad Point Needles

Felt Alive Felting Needles

Original Quad Point Color-Coded Felting Needles with Cushioned Grips

4 needles in one convenient tool!  Using several needles at once can certainly speed up your felting - especially for larger projects.  

If you have ever tried those multi-needle handles, you will love the ease and convenience of these fun felting tools.  All 4 needles are permanently affixed together within the cushioned grip giving you comfort and fine control.  

felt alive quad point felting needle
Tapered tips help your needles easily pierce your project, color-coded handles to identify your needle and a cushioned grip for comfort and safety.

5 star customer review felt alive quad point felting needles     "I have just been spoiled by these quad needles, especially with larger projects. Not only do they speed up the tedious needle work but they are much sturdier than ordinary needles and I am unable to break them as easily as I did whilst using the other needles that I used prior to my 'discovery' of this brand. I have to also put in a good word for the handles as they assist your grip and thus you have greater control. They are simply a treasure especially if your are a serious felter."  carolyn b. from Anchorage Alaska

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