Merino Wool Prefelt - Spring Green
Spring Green Kettle Dyed Merino Prefelt - Approx 10"x10"

Merino Wool Prefelt - Spring Green

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Merino Prefelt is wool felt fabric that isn't quite felted! Merino Pre Felt is short-fibered merino batting that has been partially felted into very thin sheets on industrial needle felting machines.The end result is a very delicate wool fabric that pulls apart nearly like batting and can be finished into strong 100% Felt with either traditional wet felting or our favorite-Needle Felting

This is our own kettle-dyed prefelt. The kettle dyeing process felts the wool just slightly, making it a bit sturdier and faster to finish than the commercially dyed prefelt. The kettle-dyed colors are slightly variegated and each batch a slightly different shade. We can't guarantee that your prefelt will look exactly like the colors shown in the photos so if you need perfect, consistent colors, our kettle-dyed prefelt might not be for you.

I love using Merino Prefelt for needle felted doll clothes because it requires no sewing at all!

Prefelt can be torn or cut and needle felted right into place. Seams can be needle felted together so they don't show at all, as long as you rough up the edges of your prefelt with a strong sewing needle. I demonstrate using prefelt for doll clothes in my 10 hour doll making video workshop.

We dye and cut our prefelt. It is rather stretchy so our sizes are approximate and not always perfectly square

I'm certain you will find Merino Pre Felt Sheets every bit as FUN as I do.

Learn More About Using Merino Pre Felt for Needle Felted Doll Clothes.
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