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Double Point Needles

The Original Felt Alive

Double Point

Color-Coded Felting Needles with Cushioned Grips

double point felting needles from felt aliveWe created these needles by accident while making a batch of our popular single point needles.  When two needles stuck perfectly together, I had to test them out.  I haven't stopped using them since!  I start nearly every project using a Yellow 40t Double Point - I use it until I start feeling resistance as the two needles poke into the ever tightening felt.  At that point I switch to the single point needle and continue on.  Double point needles are great for defining straight lines for clean edges, they make quick work of things when attaching two large parts together and are a real time-saver for overall  felting of larger projects.    

5 star customer review     THE BEST NEEDLES FOR FELTING ever found!!!
My purchase was for those spectacular, wonderful awesome needles I get from Kay Thank you ever so much. I do my felting with my left hand, my right hand is out of commission for most things, my left hand can hold the needles very easy,and very comfy..wouldn't trade for anything..."  Florence from Daytona Beach, FL

The Original Felt Alive Double Point Felting Needles in all of our favorite sizes and gauges:  Two felting needles permanently affixed in a cushioned, color-coded handle.   Convenient, comfortable and easy to use!    

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