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We are happy to provide you with fabulous wool, needles, supplies, instructions plus inspiration and advice for your needle felting needs!

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Kay Petal and the crew at 
Felt Alive
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DOUBLE Point Felting Needles 40t Yellow Triangle Blade
Super Duper DOUBLE Felting Needles
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DOUBLE Point Felting Needles 40t Yellow Triangle Blade

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Felt Alive

Super Duper Felting Needles

Double Point 40t

Yellow  40T (triangle blade) 

Double Point Felting Needles

$4.25 ea

Two Needles in One to

Double Your Needle Felting FUN!

With Super Duper DOUBLE Point Felting Needles


reverse barb double point felting needles

If you are looking for our New REVERSE BARB Green 40t - go  HERE! 

A Guide to Felt Alive SUPER DUPER Double Point Felting Needles

Double Yellow 40t Felting NeedlesDouble Yellow 40t Felting Needles

I use this in place of my all-purpose single yellow needles for most of my needle felting.

As much as I love needle felting, I find making body parts to be less enjoyable than developing the character. So speeding up that step has been highly beneficial to me. It makes getting to the real FUN so much faster! I use the Double Yellow Felting needles to make all my body parts using Core wool.

I don't put them down after the core parts are made. Joint attachment is much easier for me with the double needles. And adding the flesh layer to my dolls is SO much faster with this new tool!

The only time I set my Double Yellow aside is when I need extra fine control for detail work. Or when it's time to finish and de-fuzz.

The Double Yellow Felting Needle is my all-around Tool of Choice.

Double Red 38 Star Felting Needles

I use this in place of the single reds for overall finishing work. The doubles are superb for fast finishing of the fuzzies, especially when using our Premium Batting.

But for finishing fine details, nothing beats the single reds.

Many needle felters prefer to use a 38 star for all-purpose felting.  So, if a 38 star is your needle of choice, you will LOVE our Super Duper Doubles.

Double Blue 40 Star
Felting Needles

This is a new needle to the lineup and is perfect for surface design using fine fibers.  It's great for finishing the fuzzies, and improvement even, over my trusty red 38 star.  It is much easier to pierce into the wool without compressing it and the holes it leaves are barely visible, even in fine fibers such as merino and alpaca

Where Are DOUBLE Black 36 Ts?

After testing the usefulness of doubling up the coarse 36t, we decided against it. I found I had to work too hard to pierce the wool. And needle felting should not be hard work - that might take the fun away!

A word of caution - the inevitable needle injury can now becomes a double.

I do find that the doubles don't pierce skin quite as easily as a single needle - there is more surface tension, I believe. That bit of extra surface tension is the reason I could never replace my single needles entirely. So if there is too much resistance and you find yourself working too hard, switch back to your singles and give your felting arm a break.Or try our new double blues!  They are a fine, 40 star needle and glide through the wool like it's butter!

Super Duper Felting Needles...

...for Super Duper Needle Felting!

  • Color-Coded - grab the right needle at a glance!
  • Cushioned handle for a comfortable grip.
  • Strong and Sharp! Precision-Machined Felting Needles.
  • Comfortable rubber coated handles are color-coded to easily pick the right needle for the job.
  • Double Points to double your speed
  • Two needles side-by-side are much stronger felting tools than one single needle!

Double Point Felting Needles
Our NEW Double Point Felting Needles with color-coded, cushioned grips.
Here at Felt Alive we magically transform industrial felting needles into tools that are perfect for the needs of sculptural needle felters!



Super Duper Felting Needles - For Super Duper Needle Felting!
because a fabulous craft
deserves fabulous tools

Learn More About Felt Alive Super Duper Singles Here!

Felt Alive's GUIDE TO


Yellow 40T(triangle blade)

for all-purpose needle felting.

If I had to pick just one needle use, this would be it It pierces into your project easily and seems to grab the perfect amount of fiber with each jab. It gives me fine control when sculpting the wool.

Red 38 Star

for finish and surface felting.

This has a star shaped blade rather than the typical triangle shaped blade. There are more barbs and the barbs start closer to the tip than the other felting needles. This makes it perfect for surface details like eyes and for finishing the piece and taming down the fuzzies.

Black 36 T

for deep, fast felting and attaching parts.
This is a coarse needle I don't have to worry about it breaking so when I need to attach a head to a body, this is the needle I reach for.

Blue 40 Star

The newest needle in the line-up.  This is a fine gauge star blade needle with only two barbs on each needle.  It glides into the wool with ease and is great for fine finishing without leaving holes. 

Our Double Felting Needles can be used for the same uses as our singles.

The double needle design gives fragile felting needles much more strength. These are my new favorites and I really do wonder how I got by so long without them!

DOUBLE Yellow 40-T

For Super Fast All Purpose Needle Felting!

DOUBLE Red 38-Star

For Super Fast Finishing!


Or for your convenience:
Super Duper 6-Pack
2 of each Super Duper Single Point Felting Needles $10.95
Super Duper FUN Pack
6 (2 of each size) Single Point
+2 (1 of each size) of our new
Super Duper DOUBLE Point Felting Needles! $17.95

Learn More About Felt Alive Super Duper Felting Needles


Featuring Felt Alive Video Workshops


Feature: Felting Needles with Color-Coded Cushioned Grips
  • •Color-Coded to accompany all of my needle felting instructions.
  • •Cushioned handle for a comfortable grip.
  • •Strong and Sharp! Precision Machined Felting Needles
  • Customer Reviews View All Reviews
    Rating Love this needle
    This is a wonderful needle and a must have!!
      Reviewed by:   from Vermont. on 2/10/2014
    Rating Artist using double triangle needle
    Needle helps to cover larger area in less time. I broke mine off in some thicker stuff, need to use a thicker needle for thicker felting like doll heads and hands. Worked well on body and arms.
      Reviewed by:   from Homer, Alaska. on 11/24/2013
    Rating Love these needles!!!!
    I absolutely love these needles! Will not use anything else. The comfort and ease they provide while crafting is such a blessing. Thank you for creating such an amazing product!!!
      Reviewed by:   from Mayfield, KY. on 10/23/2013
    Rating Great needles
    Absolutely fabulous needles, as were the other items I ordered. Most important was the customer service I received from Kay - I will never buy materials for needle felting from anyone else! Thanks!
      Reviewed by:   from Torrington, CT. on 10/9/2013
    Rating Double point feling needles 40T
    I adore these felting needles! They are easy to hold and felt the curls onto my little de-stress sheep in no time!
      Reviewed by:   from KCMO. on 9/19/2013
    Rating great needles
    speeds up felting, same control as single, nice grip
      Reviewed by:   from Swift Current, SK Canada. on 8/23/2013
    Rating Fibre Artist
    Love the these yellow double needles! I use them as my most 'basic' needles for the general shaping of my sculpted 'critters'. Move to the single when necessary - but my double yellows go with me everywhere!
      Reviewed by:   from Brentwood Bay, BC. on 7/29/2013
    Rating If I could only have one needle.......
    I have at least twenty different needles, but if they were all taken away and I could only keep one, it would be this double yellow. Faster than any single and no loss of precision control. Every felter has to have one of these!
      Reviewed by:   from Cave Junction, OR 97523. on 8/9/2012
    Rating Great Needle
    I am a beginner needle felter and this needle really works great. I love it! Easy to hold and control.
      Reviewed by:   from Southern California. on 6/6/2012
    Rating double yellow
    Love this needle but wish it came in a quad!
      Reviewed by:   from Idaho. on 5/8/2012
    Rating THE BEST NEEDLES FOR FELTING ever found!!!
    My purchase was for those spectacular, wonderful awesome needles I get from Kay Thank you ever so much. I do my felting with my left hand, my right hand is out of commission for most things, my left hand can hold the needles very easy,and very comfy..wouldn't trade for anything. I have completed a number of little friends that I intend to send for comments from all of you. Thank you. Flory
      Reviewed by:   from Daytona Beach, FL 32118. on 4/25/2012
    Rating double the fun!
    I love the double pointed felting needles! You can felt twice as much and get twice the fun.
      Reviewed by:   from Sioux Falls, SD. on 4/24/2012
    Rating Best on the Market!
    Love, love, love these double pointed needles! They make my work so much faster and fun! Thank you for such a great product
      Reviewed by:   from New Brunswick, Canada. on 4/24/2012
    Rating Felting the Super fast way!
    I love these needles!! They make the felting go super fast, whuch is fantastic!!
      Reviewed by:   from Australia. on 4/23/2012
    Rating Ms
    What a GREAT idea! I got one of these not long ago just as I was starting a project for a friend. I am so happy I did! These needles, though fine, do an amazing job of finishing felt and getting rid of the dreaded 'fuzzies'. This leaves a much more professional looking surface, especially if the needles are inserted at an angle. Aside from the great handle, FA's needles are the sharpest I've ever used. These are also comfortable to use. Now, to order the QUAD. I can't wait!
      Reviewed by:   from Prescott, AZ. on 4/23/2012
    Rating Super Duper!
    I literally cannot imagine felting without these needles. The work is twice as fast and they will just never brake, I love them!
      Reviewed by:   from Poland. on 4/23/2012
    Rating The best needles I have ever used.
    The rubber handles and side by side points make all the difference. It is so easy to get a nice finish and make my projects go more quickly, and with no discomfort to my hands! I can't imagine using any other needles!
      Reviewed by:   from Indianapolis, Indiana . on 3/21/2012
    Rating The Unbreakables
    I love to work with the double yellow and red needles.They work quick and easy!!!...and seem to be unbreakable.So I am felting with the double ones about 8? months now and none is broken!!! That`s fantastic!!!! So it is good they came all the long way from the West coast of America.I will not miss my Super Duper Magic Needles!!!! ..only an autopilot is missing in them,to felt without me!!
      Reviewed by:   from Munic Germany. on 3/13/2012
    Rating Super Duper Needles
    I have tried most of the Super Duper needles and love them all.. however my favorite is the 38 star double needle. Best for doing detail work and getting the job done. I would love to try the new quad needle!
      Reviewed by:   from BC Canada. on 3/12/2012
    Rating Love the double point 40t
    I have the yellow 40t double point needle and I love it. It is lightweight, comfortable and I can needle felt for hours. This is an all-in-one tool which reduces my time while creating double the fun! I will be purchasing the other sizes as well. I have a mild form of carpal tunnel so these tools allow me to create needle felted sculptures without the pain. Thank you!
      Reviewed by:   from California. on 3/12/2012
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